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Pentacle Medallion Candle with Wooden Wick

Pentacle Medallion Candle with Wooden Wick

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Discover Magic in Every Detail: Pentacle Medallion Pillar Candle

Ignite the essence of the mystical with our Pentacle Medallion Pillar Candle – a harmonious blend of sacred geometry and enchanting craftsmanship. Standing at 5.5 inches in height, 5 inches in width, and 2 inches deep, this pillar candle is a profound symbol of spirituality and empowerment.

Key Features:

  • Size: Immerse yourself in the presence of the Pentacle Medallion Pillar, carefully crafted at 5.5x5x2 inches. Let its dimensions amplify the energy of your sacred space.

  • Versatile Wax Options: Choose your spiritual companion in Beeswax for a connection to nature, clean-burning Paraffin for clarity, or environmentally friendly Palm Wax for a touch of eco-conscious magic.

  • Vibrant Colors: Imbue your meditation or ritual with vibrant hues by selecting your preferred color from our extensive palette. Each shade adds a unique dimension to your spiritual experience.

  • Wick Choices: Elevate your candle magic by choosing between Hemp Wick, Cotton Wick, and the exotic charm of Wooden Wick. Each wick type offers a distinct flame, enhancing your connection to the spiritual energy within.

Crafted with Purpose: The Pentacle Medallion Pillar is more than a candle; it's a symbol of spiritual significance. Handmade with precision and care, each pillar is a testament to the artistry and magic that resides within.

Empower Your Practice: Designed for those who embrace spiritual paths, this pillar candle is particularly cherished by witches, pagans, and spiritual practitioners. The Pentacle Medallion serves as a source of inspiration and empowerment on your journey.

Ordering Made Simple:

  1. Choose the wax that aligns with your intentions.
  2. Select the perfect color to complement your spiritual practice.
  3. Pick the wick that resonates with your energy: Hemp, Cotton, or Wooden.

Custom Creations: For a truly bespoke experience, explore our hand-painted options by reaching out to us at Elevate your spiritual space with a candle that is as unique as you are.

Environmental Harmony: Your spiritual journey aligns with nature. Embrace eco-friendly practices by selecting sustainably sourced waxes that honor both your spirituality and the Earth.

Illuminate your sacred space with the Pentacle Medallion Pillar Candle—a beacon of magic, spirituality, and empowerment. Handcrafted for your unique journey.


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