Meaning of a Purple Door

Discover the Wisdom Behind the Purple Door: A Symbol of Prosperity and Magic(k)

A Purple Door is both captivating and curious. But what does it truly symbolize? It's more than a door; it's a symbolic masterpiece that weaves together notions of prosperity and magick, embodying honor, opulence, and a life enriched with abundance.

In Feng Shui, this distinct hue transcends conventions, saturating your space with energies that beckon prosperity. Purple is the only color usable in all directions, making it a unique and potent choice for your home. The act of painting a door purple becomes a ritual—an enchantment inviting energies associated with prosperity. 

In mystical circles, some say a purple door signifies that "a witch lives here." While historical evidence may not explicitly tie the purple door's symbolism to witches of the past, modern witches might have adopted it for the vibrational power it carries—and for good reason.

Let's delve into the symbolism and vibration of Purple.

Purple carries profound spiritual vibrations, weaving a tapestry of opulence, royalty, and deep spiritual resonance. Historically, purple robes were reserved for royalty and those of esteemed status, symbolizing opulence and wealth. The vibration of this color holds the essence of spiritual growth, encouraging individuals to explore the depths of their souls and embrace a heightened spiritual understanding.

Now, consider the Symbolism of a Door.

A door can be more than just an entry point; it can symbolize a portal into another realm. It serves as the entryway into a space where you welcome all forms of energies and even beings.

Beyond its symbolic significance, the Purple Door stands as an empowering affirmation—a proclamation inviting diverse forms of abundance into one's life. It's not merely a doorway; it's a portal to prosperity, a lesson in embracing inherent magick, and a key to unlocking a life adorned with the richness of well-being. Immerse yourself in the wisdom encapsulated by the Purple Door, stepping into a realm woven with ancient symbolism and timeless prosperity.

I absolutely adore my purple door. It's the culmination of years spent dreaming and bringing the Purple Door Society to life. To me, it represents a new chapter—one full of abundance, time for self-care, and a life with more purpose and joy. This ritual is an ongoing journey for me, a work in progress. I can't wait to share snapshots of this transformative process! Your purple door stories are equally cherished—whether you already have one or are envisioning it. Let's connect and share in the magic! Email us, or use the hashtag 🚪💜


Ayrah Roth

"As a magickal person, we're all magick. We've only to recognize it." — Purple Door Wisdom