About Us and Our "Why?"

Welcome to the Purple Door Society, a sanctuary founded by Katrinne Albert/Ayrah Roth with a mission to empower women on their journey of self-discovery and connection. More than a candle and craft shop, we're here to support you as you embrace your natural cycles, prioritize self-care, and foster meaningful connections.

Our Offerings:

🕯️ Handcrafted prayer candles for connection, intention setting, and manifesting.

🌿 Natural self-care and spiritual products.

Coming Soon:

🎁 Free and paid memberships/subscriptions, including the Gifts of the Moon Monthly Candle Subscription.

🛍️ Handcrafted items by local Manitoulin Artisans.

📱 Free Women’s Social Media App with groups and 1-1 private messaging.

🌟 Life Purpose and Gift Discovery Coaching Intensives.

🌺 Womb Healing Immersions - Teaching Women to Heal Themselves.

🌈 Ongoing Spiritual Mentoring Program Memberships.

About The Founder:

Katrinne - Ayrah Roth, a Certified Spiritual-Purpose-Wellness Coach, Certified Red Tent Keeper specializing in Womb Healing, and Anamchara (Friend of the Soul).

Why Purple Door Society?

The Purple Door Society was born out of a deep understanding of the challenges women face and the universal need for connection in every aspect of our lives. As a mother, homeschooler, and a woman navigating various life challenges, she recognizes the strength within women and the importance of living authentically.

Ayrah's Personal Journey:

Facing crisis pregnancies, single parenthood, poverty, and different forms of abuse, she transformed these challenges into blessings. Her experiences led her to focus on the spiritual healing of women, grief tending, Womb Healing, and reconnection practices, all woven into her Sacred Medicine Bundle.

Unique Blend of Modalities:

Bringing a distinctive blend of modalities, including Shamanic Journeying, Energy Work, Womb Healing, Ceremony/Ritual Work, Mentoring, Rose & Flower Essence Energy, Transformation/Connection Practices, and highly specialized 1-1 Coaching/Mentoring. Each modality serves as its own Medicine, offering personalized experiences for women on a healing path.

Her expertise has been honed through extensive training, mastering various modalities such as Life Purpose and Gift Discovery Coaching, Shamanic Journeying, Red Tent Keeping, Soul Retrieval, Shamanic Energy Work (spanning diverse dynamic forms), Womb Healing, Ceremonial Healing Work, Culture Repair and Mentoring, and Nature Mentoring. This robust skill set uniquely positions her to guide individuals on transformative journeys, fostering connection, spiritual growth, and holistic well-being.

Transformation and Activation:

With a goal to help others rediscover and step into their personal gifts and soul desires, she provides undivided attention, honed skills, and powerful teachings to deepen connections to the natural and Spirit World.