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7 Knob Wish Candles Customizable

7 Knob Wish Candles Customizable

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Unlock Your Magic: 7 Knob Candle - A Personalized Twist for Your Spellcraft

Step into your personal power and manifest your needs and desires with our 7 Knob Candle, a cherished tool for spellcraft and manifestation. Standing tall at 10 inches with a slender 1-inch diameter, this candle isn't just a vessel—it's a conduit for your deepest intentions. Sometimes referred to as a Wish Candle, this unique candle is not only a powerful tool for manifestation but a delightful addition to your repertoire.

7 Days of Magic & Manifesting: Embrace the ritual of burning a single knob each day for a week, infusing your energy into the intentions you seek to manifest. This unique candle serves as a potent instrument for weaving your desires into reality.

Customize Your Candle:

Featured in our Customize Your Category, this candle invites you to tailor it to your unique preferences. Choose from our array of eco-friendly waxes, including locally sourced beeswax for unparalleled purity, palm wax for clean-burning brilliance, and high-quality, food-grade paraffin for an economical option. Please note that colors may vary due to the handmade nature and wax type chosen.

Key Features:

Size and Shape: Elevate your spellwork with a slender 10-inch by 1-inch diameter candle—a perfect focal point for your magical intentions.

Versatile Wax Options: Crafted with your magical preferences in mind, our 7 Knob Candle is available in Beeswax, Palm Wax, or high-quality, food-grade Paraffin. Select the medium that resonates with your spellcasting style.

Vivid Color Palette: Infuse your daily rituals with a burst of color. Choose from our extensive range of hues to amplify the vibrancy of your intentions. Each shade holds a unique energy to enhance your wishes.

Wick Choices: Ignite your magic with the flicker of Cotton or Hemp wicks. Each day brings new possibilities as you burn one of the 7 sections, focusing on the intentions you wish to manifest.

Now, before your imagination takes flight, let's be clear: our 7 Knob Candle may bear resemblance to objects associated with different adventures (as noted by some Muggles and cheeky Magical Folk 😉), but it's purely a magical tool designed for your spellcasting journeys! No, it's not a misappropriated prop, and it certainly doesn't belong where the sun don't shine.

Consider this a whimsical nod from one magical enthusiast to another—a playful touch that adds humor to your spellcasting practice. Let's keep the magic where it belongs—above the altar, not below it! 😉

Ignite the magic within and transform your wishes into reality with our 7 Knob Candle. Handcrafted with love, it's designed for your magical journey.

Special requests are always welcome!

If you have specific requests or intentions for this candle, please email us at


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